Nobility ,,Three-element moisturizing shampoo ''260ml+Nobility cream mask for hair+Magic hair oil 60ML

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Three-element moisturizing    shampoo    260ml +Nobility ,,three-element creme mask for hair+Magic hair oil 60ml''


Ingredient/Effect  :Enriched with   three  precious  element ,kation active particle ,pure  natural moisturizing agent ,medicinal extract ,natural tea plant factor and VB5 etc.Shampoo  enhance energy and air permeability ,shrinks papilla  of hair  ,Prevent hair loss ,removes aged cuticles ,calms and smooths hair surface  cells  of  scale nourishes  hair follicle and hair  ,achieving double  effect  for hair .Nobility three element creme mask ''reairing your hair .Magic hair oil giving your shiny and silky hair.