AHCMAX Ginger shampoo 500ml+AHCMAX Ginger conditioner 500ml+AHCMAX Ginger grow spray 60ml


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AHCMAX Ginger shampoo  500ml

The shampoo replenishes nutrients, restores damaged, dry, brittle hair. Ginger promotes hair growth better. The unique composition of the shampoo nourishes the hair and replenishes it with moisture. You will feel the effect after the first use. The hair will become healthy silky, healthy, radiant and shiny. The shampoo ensures the highest level of hair care and restoration.

AHCMAX Ginger conditioner 500ml
Enriched with ginger oil nutrients, herbal extract oil, keratin and protein. Provides energy, penetrates the deepest layers and nourishes the hair. Prevents hair ends from branching, makes hair elastic and easy to comb silky and shiny. Provides the highest level of hair care

The extract contains a variety of different herbal extracts, various oils and moisturizing phakers that restore the hair follicle and generate better hair growth. exposure to rays.Hair becomes shiny.