AHCMAX DEEP CLEANING ANTI HAIR-LOSS SHAMPOO 628ml+AHCMAX Emergency repair hair mask 500ml


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Enriched with essential oils, active particles that naturally remove plaque, supplement the nutrients needed for hair, increase energy and air permeability, provide protection for damaged hair, strengthen hair roots and hair structure itself, stop hair loss, remove old plaque from hair, soothes the skin with its extremely gentle structure when washing hair, nourishes the follicles gives the hair exceptional strength. Gives shine and a pleasant scent. It is a top quality hair care product.

AHCMAX Emergency repair hair mask 500ml

Restore vitality to your hair with AhcMax Restorative Nourishing Mask with Herbal Extract. Made with vitamin E, argan oil and hair nourishing keratin and a unique composition. This mask is specially made to regain healthy, shiny hair. Restores weak, damaged, weak hair damaged after dyeing and chemical combing. It nourishes and restores quickly, making hair shiny and soft.
To use: Apply mask to damp washed hair, wet well and massage, hold for 2-5 minutes and rinse. Use 2-3 times a week.