AHCMAX Moisturizing Color Care Hair Shampoo + AHCMAX Emergency Repair Hair Mask 500mL+AHCMAX Hair Care Essential Oil 60ML


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AHCMAX MOISTURIZING COLOR CARE HAIR SHAMPOO 628MLRestore vitality with nourishing, moisturizing shampoo with argan oil. The shampoo is enriched with vitamin E, argan oil and nourishing keratin. This shampoo is specially made to regain healthy, shiny hair. Preserves hair color, provides protection for hair, making hair shiny and soft, shiny.

AHCMAX Emergency repair hair mask 500ml
Restore vitality to your hair with AhcMax Restorative Nourishing Mask with Herbal Extract. Made with vitamin E, argan oil and hair nourishing keratin and a unique composition. This mask is specially made to regain healthy, shiny hair. Restores weak, damaged, weak hair damaged after dyeing and chemical combing. It nourishes and restores quickly, making hair shiny and soft.



Hair oil is enriched with various components, argan oil, moisturizing phakers, which effectively restore the structure of damaged or brittle hair.