AHCMAX Ginger grow spray 60ml+AHCMAX Ginger hair mask 500m


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The extract contains a variety of different herbal extracts, various oils and moisturizing phakers that restore the hair follicle and generate better hair growth. exposure to rays.Hair becomes shiny.
Usage: rub a few clicks of the dispenser into the hair roots or spread on the hands. You can apply directly on wet or dried hair.

AHCMAX Ginger hair mask 500ml

Restore the vitality of hair with an exclusive composition of a restorative nourishing mask with a variety of herbal extracts and oils. Enriched with various components needed for hair restoration with a unique composition. Oils and extracts promote hair growth. Keratin, proteins and other components provide nutrition to the hair. This mask is specially made to regain healthy, shiny hair. Restores damaged, weak hair damaged after coloring and chemical combing. Hair grows better and becomes shiny and soft